Ski service in WinterbergSki tuning & repair

Competent service for skis & snowboards at the Fichtenweg 20a location

Whether repair of surfaces, edge tuning, repair of small damages or professional racing service: We make your ski equipment fit again! Just give us a call or come directly to one of our branches with your skis. At all locations in Winterberg we offer you our overnight service: deliver in the evening, take with you in the morning!

  • Toll grinding
  • Clubs and groups on request
  • Discount price: Children's skis up to 140cm - 30%

Your skis will be prepared on high precision MONTANA machines in 5 steps.

Prices for the ski service

Standard Large Xtra Large
Ski: 22 € Ski: 25 € Ski: 35 €
Board: 25 € Board: 30 € Board: 46 €


Service S L XL
Surface Plan and structure grinding (only stone)
Edge grinding lateral
Edge tuning on surface side and side
Deburr and polish edges
Hot mechanical waxing
Repairing minor damage
Machine full-surface melting
Belt grinding

Prices for the race service (ski only)

Standard Large
28 € 33 €


Service S L
Hot mechanical waxing
Deburr and polish edges
Structure rubber according to selection
Edge tuning on surface side and side
Edge grinding sideways (edge angle 1-3°) selectable
Surface grinding (basic racing service)
Repairing minor damage

Ski workshop

State-of-the-art Ski Service Robot

Since 2019 we have had a state-of-the-art Crystal Rock Max ski service robot from the Swiss company Montana at our disposal. We would like to show you the possibilities of this machine:

Questions about our ski workshop? Please send us an email tostefan@ski-schneider.deor visit us in our ski rental at Fichtenweg 20a.

1. Surfacing repair

We work with the P-TEX MASTER automatic surface melting machine. This enables a positive melting of the coating damages as well as a high throughput for skis and snowboards.
The MONTY extruder is used for manual repairs.

2. Tread stone grinding

First, the covering and edge are brought onto one level in order to create the basis for an optimum edge angle. The surface is then structured in such a way that it glides optimally depending on the snow conditions.

With the MONTANA structural system the most diverse structures can be produced:
From simple linear structures up to complex, computer-controlled Vario structures for the racing ski preparation in the World Cup. MONTANA stone grinding is characterised by the absolutely fibre-free grinding of the running surface.

3. Side edge grinding

The lateral edges are ground precisely at an exactly defined angle (87°, 88° or 89°) and over the entire length.

The specially developed ceramic bands are guided over the unique ceramic glide shoe at an exactly defined angle, the result for the side edge:

  • Exact angle from the shovel to the end of the ski

  • Excellent surface finish

  • Long service life of the sharpness

  • Gentle material removal

  • High efficiency

4. Side edge tuning

With the unique MONTANA High Tech Tuning (HTT) system, the steel edge on the tread side is slightly suspended, tuned at an angle of approx. 0.5°-0.8° and finely polished. The burr created during the grinding of the side edge is removed.

The specially developed tuning stones are dressed at a precisely defined angle with the dressing tool, the result for the edge:

  • Exact angle from the shovel to the end of the ski

  • Highly polished edge

  • Long service life of the sharpness

  • Gentle material removal

  • High efficiency

In the unique RADIAL TUNING, the edge is suspended with approx. 0.5° in the binding area and 0.8° in the shovel/end area - without attacking the already optimized surface. The high gloss polished edge improves the gliding characteristics once again.

5. Waxing and polishing

The MONTANA WAXMASTER is a universal service machine for waxing and polishing skis and snowboards. The machining process convinces by high capacity and wax saving. The WAXMASTER is also space-saving, odourless and environmentally friendly.

GRIPtech - The Revolution in Side Edge Preparation

With the MONTANA GRIPtech system the grinding is carried out in vertical direction. The result is a precise, sharp and durable edge. The sports equipment is gently sanded over all functional points from start to finish in RACE EDGE quality without any run-in marks.

The new GRIPtech system for the side edge ensures a leap in quality in ski and snowboard service: the result is a precise, sharp and durable edge in RACE EDGE quality. Together with the radial tuning, an edge with unique properties is created.



Advantages of the GRIPtech System

  • Exact and uniform angle
  • Excellent surface in RACE EDGE quality
  • Grinding of all function points from the shovel to the ski end
  • Maximum service life of the sharpness
  • Gentle material removal
  • Highest throughput with constant quality
  • Grinds even corroded edges excellently
  • High efficiency
  • For ski and snowboard
  • Maximum driving pleasure



In the GRIPtech system, the pressure curve is automatically adapted to the ski geometry. I.e. strong and weakly waisted skis are optimally sharpened. The pressure curve can be adjusted to protect the ski tip and ski end according to your own wishes



We are 4**** certified ski rental for alpine and cross-country skiing

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